Mixing Equipment

A comprehensive range of mixing equipment is available, all types manufactured in mild steel or different types of stainless steel.

  • Horizontal paddle/ribbon mixer in single and double shaft design for batch mixing of granular or powderous products with or without adding of liquids. Capacities ranging from 2.000 up to 14.000 litres.
  • BRABANT Tipping mixers for batch mixing in very short cycle times, especially for every homogenous mixing with gentle mixing action without product degradation. Total emptying without residue.
  • Continuous mixing equipment.
  • Liquid mixers, molasses mixers: high speed mixing equipment for lump free adding of liquids to solids.
  • Conical screw mixers also for mixing and conditioning of paste and mixing under vacuum capacity ranging from 100 up to 12.000 litres, double screw types and stainless steel execution available.

Sorting and cleaning

Equipment for cleaning and grading of granular and powderous products:

  • Pre cleaners for removal of coarse impurities.
    Types available: rotating drumsieves up to 600 m3/hr capacity, BRABANT silo cleaner with free swinging sieves and air separation, BRABANT windsifter.
  • Cleaning and grading
    Cleaning of the products by means of accurate sieving and windsifters in several stages in order to obtain a clean end product. Accurately calibrated sieves for grading on particle thickness and indent cylinders for grading on particle length.
    Types: BRABANT V, Indent Cylinder, MULTIPLEX.
  • Very fine cleaning and grading
    Type BRABANT VII recirculating air windsifter. By means of an airflow which can be exactly regulated a very sharp cleaning or grading can be obtained. Thanks to the recirculating air, external influences are eliminated and neither cyclones nor filters are needed.
  • Specific gravity separators
    Type BRABANT SG for calibration based on very small differences in specific weight of individual particles.


  • Drum dryers
    Rotating drum with paddles to keep the product moving in radial and axial direction through the drum. Heated air is drawn through the drum thus heating and drying the product. With this drying system the product is intensively stirred making it suitable for drying of products with very high moisture and for very coherent products (e.g. sugar beet pulp). Available in diameters from 1000 up to 2000mm and length of 5 up to 20 metres

  • Vertical grain dryers
    Vertical cascade type graindryers with direct and indirect heating/drying of the grain. Upper part is for drying, and the lowerpart is for cooling back to ambient temperature. These dryers are assembled from a number of standard modules in a great variety of sizes and capacities, adapted to specific requirements. Capacity up to 100 tons/hour with 5% moisture reduction in on single passage.


Equipment for mechanical handling:

  • Chain conveyers (type drag flight conveyor in closed housing)
    Capacities ranging from 10 to 2000 m3/hr and drive units up to 90 kW.
    Mild steel or stainless steel execution.
    Mild steel, manganese steel, plastic or ceramic tiles as wear resistant lining.
    Chains with plastic flights or steel flights.

  • Bucket elevators (type: belt - and chain elevators)
    Capacities ranging from 5 up to 3000 m3/hr.

    Belt elevators with steel or stainless steel buckets of our own design, or plastic buckets depending on the application. Special executions for fly-ash and (hot) glass.

    Chain elevators for transportation of extremely hot or very sticky (rich in fat or oil) products.

    Pipe belt elevators - belt conveyer for vertical transportation of sticky or moist products with complete cleaning and residue free operation.

    Special elevators - special designs for vulnerable products with little product degradation; highly wear resistant elevators; elevators in self cleaning execution.

    Swing tray elevators for gentle transportation, possibility of multiple outlets Z and C arrangements. Buckets in plastic can be used in the food industry. No spillage of product, completely residue free.

  • Screw conveyors
    Executed in diameters ranging from 100 up to 800 mm. Mild steel, stainless steel or manganese steel execution, single shaft or dual shaft, life bottom silo unloading screws. Intermediate bearings with bronze lining or ball bearings, if required mounted on flanged shafts between the actual screw shafts. (easily exchangeable). Externally placed end bearings on separate supports, special shaft seals dust/water/airtight with rubber gasket/pressurized labyrinth gasket/gland gasket.

    Screw conveyors in special execution for the food industry and screw conveyors for very abrasive products are available.

  • Belt Conveyors
    Capacities ranging from 5 up to 3000 m3/hr.
    Conventional belt conveyors with troughed idlers in open, partly closed or completely closed execution.
    Belt cleaning systems with or without water cleaning.
    Telescoping belt conveyors, shuttle belt systems, mobile conveyors, tripper trolley's (also completely remote controlled).
    Slide belt conveyors, completely enclosed with the belt sliding on profiled steel side plates; mild steel, galvanized or stainless steel.

Pneumatic transport systems

  • Low pressure transport, with fans up to 200 mbar in dilute phase. Can be delivered as suction or blowing system.
    Application: transportation of coarser or light particles, dust and meal. Product /air ratio 10 distance < up to 50 mtr.

  • Middle pressure transport, with roots blowers or turbo fans, up to 800 mbar. Also as suction system with vacuum up to 450 mbar.
    Application: transportation of powderous material, meal and granulates with product/air ratio up to approx 30, distances up to several hundreds of metres.

  • High pressure transport in dense phase with compressed air of 6-10 bar. Suction is not possible.

    Application: transportation with high product/air ratio of fluidisable products over longer distances.

    For the various pneumatic transport V.O.M. manufatures:

  • suction pieces for feeding vacuumtransport systems.
  • rotary airlocks, diameter 200 mm up to 1200 mm in cast iron and plate steel for feeding and discharging products to/from the transport system.
  • receivers, integrated filter/receivers.
  • cyclones also with integrated filter.
  • filters for both vacuum and overpressure.
    Reversed air jet cleaning system combined with the patented compartimention system (isolation of the part of a filter that is cleaned).
  • piping, including: wear resistant bends, telescoping pipes, knee-joints and rotating joints.
  • rotating distributors and two way valves for both vacuum and overpressure.

Spouting and product pipes

  • Spouting for granular and powderous products Bended, rolled and welded ducts connected with flanges or quick fittings. Plate thickness 1,5 to 10 mm, section of 150 x 150 mm and upwards, circular and rectangular spouting. If required provided with wear resistant linings in steel, manganese steel, plastics (Rhino-hyde) or aluminium oxide tiles.

  • Two way valves and slide gates, hand operated or with electro pneumatic, hydraulic or electric control. Sizes ranging from 150 x 150 mm up to 1000 mm x 1000 mm, rectangular also available. If required provided with wear resistant linings.

  • Rotating distributors with one or two inlets up to 20 outlets per inlet. Controlled with a geared motor. Electro pneumatically operated telescoping seal between pipe and outlet hole can be delivered on all types. Diameters 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 mm.

  • Swivel pipe distributors in single or multiple execution with distribution e.g. 1 inlet/6 outlets or 3 inlets/6 outlets per inlet. Available in capacities up to 1400 m3/hr and with wear resistant linings.

  • Slide gates/bottom slides for conveyors hand operated or with electro pneumatic, hydraulic or electric control. In half open or completely dust tight execution. Slide running on steel or plastic strips, or on ball bearings.

Dust control/extraction

Dust aspiration systems

  • Complete systems for centralized and local dust aspiration.
  • Cyclones and multi cyclones.
  • VOF filter units with cylindrical filter hoses and reversed air jet cleaning, specially developed for high filter loads and dust types that are difficult to separate from the air. Available in filter surfaces ranging from 10 m2 to 126 m2 in a modular system, with the unique patented filter compartimentation.
  • VOF Compact filters, small filter units for local dust aspiration to be placed directly on top of a conveyor.
  • Rotary airlocks in several types and sizes.
  • Dust aspiration piping.


Milling and size reduction equipment

  • Complete milling systems for pre grinding, post grinding, circular or multiple step milling.
  • Hammermills in different types capacities and sizes with motor up to 315 kW.
  • Hammermills for fine grinding with particle size < 100 micron.
  • Lump breakers with double breaking action of which the second step between adjustable rollers.
  • Sieve installations for sievings before, during and after the milling process.