Silos and silo installations

Carbon steel or stainless steel, round or rectangular, welded or bolted, smooth wall or pile planking silos, bunkers and tanks.

Design according to different international standards. Single bins, groups and blocks of bins, if required with supporting steelstructure, cladding or building. Equipped with outlet hoppers designed to application and products to be stored.

Various, partly self-developed silo discharge systems: chain extractors, screw extractors, live bottom systems, vibratory dischargers, air assist unloading, fluidization systems, etc.

Special Silos and silo blocks for the food industry completely in stainless steel or in carbon steel with food coating, constructed in sanitary execution.

Silos with discharge mechanisms specially suited for products or mixtures vulnerable for product degradation (breakage) and to keep a mixture homogeneous during the discharge process.

Installations for loading and unloading of ships

  • Fixed, mobile and floating pneumatic unloaders and mechanical loaders for all kinds of bulk products in granular or powderous form. Constructed in capacities ranging from 50 to 2000 m.tons/hour and for ships up to 200.000 tons DWT.
    Special designs for unloading of non free flowing products with mechanical digging device. Special designs for loading and unloading of extremely dusty or vulnerable (breakage) products.
  • Grab receiving hoppers fixed or mobile with capacities up to 2000 m.tons/hour. Complete with an integrated dust aspiration system and specially designed inlet grid. Possibility of in line weighing with a batch or belt weigher. Direct truck loading is possible.